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Welcome to Beauchamp Foods Ltd

Beauchamp Foods Ltd is a company specialising in long-life, quality, pre-packed continental bread products for the multiple supermarket, convenience, forecourt and independent retail markets in the UK.

Our products include the ‘Le Français’ range of part baked baguettes and petits pains and ready-to-bake butter croissants, pains au chocolat and butter brioche rolls and choc chip brioche rolls, produced in France for Beauchamp Foods Ltd by specially selected bakeries there, as well as ‘Beauchamp’ toast waffles produced in Germany. We also distribute the Italian range of ‘Forte’ focaccia and focaccina to multiple supermarket chains and the ‘Get Fresh at Home’ ciabatta rolls and loaves, produced in Holland, to the independent retail market.

Beauchamp Foods Ltd supplies a number of leading retail chains and national wholesalers with these products and works in partnership with our customers to develop and promote our range of products as the best on the market. All our products are either packaged in a protective atmosphere, or produced to enhance a long shelf life, whilst retaining a good moistness and an excellent eating quality.

Further products are currently being developed to compliment this range and updates will be supplied on a regular basis.

Our Le Français & Beauchamp range
Our market leading ‘Le Français’ range is produced in France for Beauchamp Foods Ltd by three specially selected bakeries there. And our delicious Toast Waffles are produced in Germany.


Produced in Italy by Oropan S.p.A. in the famous Italian bread making town of Altamura.

Get Fresh at Home

Baked in a state of the art stonebaked oven, these delicious ciabatta rolls and loaves are made to a traditional Italian recipe.

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